Senator Tim Kaine Visits Appalachian School of Law

Senator Tim Kaine recently visited Appalachian School of Law to speak to students and faculty in the law school’s iconic Appellate Courtroom.  The event was diligently created and hosted by one of its student organizations, Appalachian on Tap.  Representing the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Senator Kaine presently sits on the Armed Services Committee, the Budget Committee, the Foreign Relations Committee, and the Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee.

Senator Kaine’s lecture focused on his experience as a practicing lawyer, including how that experience has informed his nearly 30 years in elected office.  He also discussed the opportunities afforded by a law degree and answered candid questions from students after his remarks.

Senator Kaine emphasized the need for every lawyer to learn how to be passionate, but also professional and respectful, in the face of conflict and discussed how these skills have proved to be effective and have served him well in political life.  “That issue, to be able to depersonalize conflict, and to engage in conflict but do it in a civil way,” he emphasized, “is something that all of you in practicing law will have to do day in and day out.”

B. Keith Faulkner, President and Dean of Appalachian School of Law, applauded Senator Kaine’s message:  “This is the ASL model — teaching law students the intricacies of the law as well as the highest ideals of lawyering.   Senator Kaine’s talk highlighted the imperative of collegiality and professionalism, two ideals that strongly resonate with our students and faculty.  We are very thankful for his visit.”

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