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Information Services

Information Services provides technical support for ASL faculty and staff. Our department is tasked with maintaining all ASL technology-based services and systems.

Information Services provides limited technical support for students and enforces the ASL Computer Use Policy .

Computer Information

Incoming ASL students will need to own or purchase a laptop for use with the exam software, Exam4. Ensure your laptop meets the minimum requirements for Exam4, which can be found here. Please pay attention to the "NOT supported" section at the bottom of the page. Apple iDevices and Chromebooks are NOT supported by Exam4.

The school also provides free student access to a limited number of computers in the library, but this is not meant to replace a personal laptop.

It is recommened to have a desktop printer and an external hard drive or USB drive for backup and portable storage. We highly recommended that you have anti-virus software installed on your computer.

General skills

You will need the computer skills described below in law school. If you do not already have these skills, spend some time reading one or more of the numerous books available for novice users and practicing with your computer if possible. At minimum, you should know how to:

  • navigate the computer’s file system
  • open and close programs
  • save and retrieve files
  • rename a file
  • save a file under a new name
  • select a printer and print a document
  • operate your Internet browser and e-mail programs
  • send and receive a file as an e-mail attachment
  • back up files to protect against data loss
  • install and use anti-virus software

Word processing skills

Written assignments in law school must usually be typed, and, like documents filed in courts, are subject to specific formatting requirements. As a result, you need to know how to:

  • set the font and font size
  • set specified margin sizes
  • double- and single-space text in a document
  • indent paragraphs
  • number pages
  • create a header and/or footer with your name and other information on each page
  • spell-check a document
  • insert the § (section) symbol into a document
  • turn off automatic formatting, spelling, and punctuation correction
  • boldface, underline, or italicize type
  • cut, copy, and paste text
  • find and replace text

If you have specific questions about computers, contact Information Services. If you have questions about financial aid issues, including the availability of financial aid for purchasing a computer, you can contact Financial Aid.



What am I allowed to do at school?

The Computer Use Policy regulates the usage of the ASL network, servers, computers, and other equipment. Please read it before you access anything at school.

How do I get an e-mail account?

Your account is set up during orientation week, and Information Services will provide you with your log-in information. If you have any problems accessing your e-mail account, contact Information Services.

How do I print?

You can check the Campus Printing with Wepa page for directions on printing.

Why can’t I get to LexisNexis or Westlaw?

If you are having issues accessing LexisNexis or Westlaw, please tell the library staff or contact your representative. Information Services does not handle password and account issues for LexisNexis or Westlaw.

How do I reserve audio-visual equipment?

Please contact Information Services for instructions.

Which Web browser should I use?

It is recommended that you have at least two browsers installed on your computer. Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Edge are a few of many available options.

Do I need Antivirus software?

It is highly recommended that your computer have antivirus software installed, regardless of your operating system.